Hello from Ravi Singhal & Saurabh Uttam, Co-Founders of TUBBR. Together, we are creating the World’s First Personal Social Network.

TUBBR is a place to showcase your stories and collaborate with people on things you love. It's a Personal Social Network and should not be mistaken with Private Networks, but taking it beyond.

Said that TUBBR aims to bring 'relevance' back into your social networks. As we do it, our key focus is to make it as personal as possible, evolve it right from 'YOU' and give you the complete control over what you want to see and with whom you want to share.

TUBBR can be used personally, as an influencer and to engage within communities via segregated timelines.

The only platform that lets you share stories via Collaborated Timelines. Co-Create Timelines with people of your choice. Be it personal things you do among your friends and create stories which you want to keep within your closed group itself or you can further showcase stories on your hobbies, interests or events by creating public walls.

As a Content Creator, TUBBR gives you an opportunity to go creative while showcasing your work and push more content on specific passions & interests for users to follow basis their interest. Hence, build a better connect with your audience.

TUBBR is a platform that lets you connect on purpose with Discrete Timelines & Powerful Stories while your friends can follow or Collaborate on things you love doing. Also, opens up possibilities for you to unleash as you use the app, but to mention a few here:

  • Connect Personally: Create personal walls, share moments and have conversations on these stories without being seen by the whole world. So, two individuals can have their very own private timeline to share their moments & stories and keep them to themselves. Group of friends can also share their activities on various things they just want to keep within the group itself
  • Focused Public Walls: Create multiple walls on various things you love doing. Your friends and others can easily browse your various content streams and can subscribe the ones they actually like. This will benefit Publishers to create content streams on various categories (including travel, fashion, sports, etc.) and promote it more effectively without worrying about spamming users, or filling up feeds with content which might not be relevant to all of their audience
  • Co-Create Timelines: Create interest-based timelines with your TUBBR friends or contribute to their Public or Private walls. Add people to various niches, activities or events and create content stream relevant to a closed group or for people looking for stories on certain topics you master or events you are in

It's super easy to start. Once you download TUBBR and create your account, you'll have 5 exclusive invites to bring your close friends/family onboard as well. Co-create Private or Public Walls, share stories, get reactions.

All your feedbacks are welcomed and appropriate efforts will be given to evolve TUBBR in accordance to its users.